About Me

I am an undergraduate student pursuing a B.A. in Computer Science and Mathematics at Pomona College (Claremont, CA). I am a member of ACM’s SIG-CSE. I’m interested in machine bias and fairness, accountability, and transparency in algorithms, as well as intersectional work in this space. (FAT*). I am passionate about increasing diversity (2017, 2018) in technology.

I worked at Facebook Inc. as a software engineering intern in the summers of 2017 and 2018. I worked with Core Growth on the Login team which has ownership over Faceook Login, Account Recovery (Forgot Password), and Account Deletion.


First things first: Erdos Number: 2

Garcia, S.R., Kahoro, E. (’20), Luca, F., Primitive root bias for twin primes, Exp. Math.

If you found that paper interesting here are a couple of follow up papers published by my advisor, Stephan Garcia:

Garcia, S.R., Luca, F., On the difference in values of the Euler totient function near prime arguments, to appear in “Irregularities in the Distribution of Prime Numbers” (edited by M. Rassias, J. Pintz), Springer (in press) arXiv

Garcia, S.R., Luca, F., Schaaff, T. (’17), Primitive root biases for prime pairs I: existence and non-totality of biases, (submitted). arXiv

Current Projects

I work at Pomona’s HCI Lab under Dr. Papoutsaki on WebGazer, an open-source project hosted on GitHub that democratizes eye tracking. Here’s a short video on WebGazer and some of its applications.