About Me

I study computer science and mathematics at Pomona College. I am a member of ACM, SIG-CSE, and SIG-CAS. I’m interested in fairness, accountability, and transparency in algorithms FAT*. I am passionate about supporting efforts around diversity and inclusion in technology (2017, 2018) and addressing the workplace wage gap. (2018)

I interned as a software engineer at Facebook Inc. in the summers of 2017 and 2018. I worked with Core Growth on the Facebook Login team.

Projects and Publications

First things first - Erdos Number: 2 (Luca -> Erdos)

Garcia, S.R., Kahoro, E. (’20), Luca, F., Primitive root bias for twin primes, Exp. Math.

A CS Education research paper on Pseudocode as an intermediate step in problem decomposition.

A heatmap visualization of WebGazer, an open-source project hosted on GitHub that democratizes eye tracking. I work on this project with Pomona’s HCI Lab under Dr. Papoutsaki. Here’s a short video on WebGazer and some of its applications.