About Me

I study computer science and mathematics at Pomona College and a student member of ACM (SIG-CSE and SIG-CAS). My research interests lie at the intersection of health care and fairness, accountability, and transparency in algorithms (FAT*). The past two summers I’ve spent interning as a software engineer at Facebook working with the login team on Core Growth.

I’m passionate about supporting efforts around diversity and inclusion in technology, computer science education for all, and closing the workplace wage gap.

Erdos Number: 2 (Luca -> Erdos)


Garcia, S.R., Kahoro, E. (’20), Luca, F., Primitive root bias for twin primes, Exp. Math.


A paper on pseudocode as an intermediate step in problem decomposition.

A heatmap visualization of WebGazer, an open-source project hosted on GitHub that democratizes eye tracking.